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(Dental Cleaning)

Regular Cleaning and Scaling is Critical to your Oral Health

Regular scaling and dental check up is essential to everyone to remove tartar buildup and to review your oral hygiene habit by our dental professionals.


Come and visit us every 6 months for scaling and polishing of your teeth to keep them in the highest level of oral hygiene and esthetic.

Dental Checkup

We Provide More Than Scaling

A set of intraoral digital X ray

(if necessary)

Full mouth oral examination

Comprehensive scaling and polishing of teeth

Personalized treatment plan and oral hygiene instruction

What To Expect in Scaling in Jolly Grin

We wish our patient could enjoy a stress-free and high standard of cleaning in Jolly Grin. Other than using ultrasonic scalers (the one with water spray). We also use hand instrument to remove fine tartar from your tooth surface. 

If you have sensitive teeth, do not hesitate to tell us and we will avoid sensitivity during the cleaning by using hand scalers. We would love to accompany you in the journey to make your teeth better.

Why do we need scaling?

Scaling can remove tartar deposits, bacterial biofilm on our teeth and around our gum. This reduces the inflammation of our gum and protects our gum from bleeding and swelling.

What is tartar?

Tartar is a rough substance that traps bacterial biofilm on to our teeth and causes swelling and bleeding of gum.Tartar could be formed around 14 days if oral hygiene is inadequate. It cannot be removed at home with a toothbrush or floss.

What to expect after scaling?

Your teeth will be tartar-free and stain-free. You may experience a bit of sensitivity and gum bleeding in a few days after scaling but the problem will be relieved after that.

Answering Your oral hygiene Questions

Want to Enjoy Whiter Teeth?

After scaling, the stain on your teeth will be removed but scaling cannot change the colour of your teeth. If you wish to improve the esthetic of your teeth, you might want to look into the information of Whitening.

We provide in-clinic whitening and home-use whitening treatment for you to enjoy a better smile with whiter teeth.

Dental Professionals

Dr Winnie Yu

Dr Emily Tsang

Hygienist Pauline Wong

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