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Orthodontics - 
Kids and Teenagers

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Specialized in Orthodontics 

Thinking to straighten your teeth? Dr Vicky Tsui, our orthodontist is making a step further than just strengthening your teeth but improving the function of your oral cavity and aesthetic level in a brand new way combining the oro-myofunctional therapy (OMT) and her experience in the orthodontic treatment.


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Enjoy the Smile Earlier

Orthodontics treatment could improve your crowded teeth, malpositioning of teeth, overbite and underbite problem. It is never too late to get your teeth strengthened but it is always good to consult an orthodontist as early as age 7 for less complicated treatment and better results.

Types of Orthodontic Treatments

Phase I

Mainly for kids who erupt all primary teeth and some permanent teeth

Palatal Expander

For narrow palate to enlarge the space for teeth 


Removable appliance with higher aesthetic level during treatment

Traditional fixed braces

We provide both clear braces and metal braces

Supportive Treatments

The outcome of orthodontic treatment could excess your imagination and increase durability through some supportive treatment provided in Jolly Grin.

Optimizing Progress by AI Monitor

Jolly Grin is using Dental Monitoring to observe your oral condition and progress of orthodontic treatment. The AI system in the mobile phone app could help the dentist to recognize any urgent problem such as unfit of Invisalign falling off of attachments. 

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Frequent Questions About Phase One

What is Phase One Orthodontic Treatment?

Phase one is one of the pre-orthodontic treatment to allow the expand of the upper palate when children are growing. It increases the space of the dental arch of the palate to allow the teeth to erupt or to be alligned easier in later orthodontic treatment.

Who need it?

Children who are at growing stage and have narrow palate could under go phase one. We suggest children aged 7 could come to visit Dr Vicky Tsui to do a comprehensive consultation in order to understand the growing stage of the children.

Is Phase One a complete orthodontic treatment?

No. Some kids may need to receive phase two orthodontic treatment after completing or undergoing phase two. Phase one is just for inceasing the room for teeth but the allignment of teeth would not be actively affected. In some cases, after the phase one treatment, the teeth may erupt in a nice position which may not require phase two orthodontic treatment.

Can I start phase two treatment directly?

We suggest that phase one treatment is essential to achieve a better result of orthodontic treatment. In some cases, if the room for teeth is enough then the dentist will suggest the kid to receive phase two orthodontic treatment directly.

Do extraction of teeth a must for orthodontic treatment?

No, our orthodontist will clearly explain the treatment plans that are suitable for your oral condition. The pros, cons and result of the treatment will be explained and you have the right to choose the final plan.

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Having Orthodontics Treatment in Jolly Grin

We are pleased to offer orthodontic treatment with our experienced orthodontist.

  1. In the first visit, we will examine your oral condition comprehensively by taking X-ray film and scanning  your teeth using the iTero technology. Your scanned teeth will be displayed on screen in 3D for easier explanation.

  2. Dentist will suggest the best options of your treatment and explain every step of your treatment so you know what to expect

  3. With the help of the 3D imaging machine, we would simulate the final result of your orthodontic treatment.

  4. Depending on cases, extraction of teeth may be needed prior to the start of orthodontic treatment.

  5. For traditional braces, fixed braces will be bonded on your teeth and will be adjusted from time to time in our clinic

  6. For Invisalign, clear attachments will be bonded on your teeth, sets of clear Invisalign will be given to you and you need to change the pairs of Invisalign according to the time set by the orthodontics

  7. Reviews are needed from time to time.

  8. Time to enjoy a new and better smile.

Our experienced dental team will deliver precise care and ensure you know how to maintain your oral health throughout the journey.

Jolly Grin offers

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