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Dental Implant

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Restore your functions of teeth by dental implant

Struggling with your missing teeth due to tooth decay, damaged teeth, broken teeth? We are glad to offer our help to restore your function of teeth, to improve your smile and your look. 


Tell us about your concern for teeth and we could help you decide the best treatment plan according to your oral condition.

Enjoy the latest technology of 3D imaging

To improve the accuracy of examination of your oral condition and deliver a personalized treatment plan for your future implant, we have invested in CBCT 3D imaging technology which allows us to provide precise and long lasting implant results.

What is a dental implant?

Dental implant consists of bio-compatible materials which are inserted to your bone surrounding your teeth. On top of the implant, dental crown, dental bridges or denture could be attached and restore the chewing and speaking functions of your teeth.

Great Benefits of Dental Implant

Restore the ability of chewing and speaking

Protect neighbouring teeth from grinding down

Improve your look and make you confidence to smile again

Strengthen your jaw bone

Dentist Office

The journey of getting a dental implant in Jolly Grin

We are pleased to offer dental implant treatment for you and company you on the journey of getting an implant.

  1. In the first visit, we will examine your oral condition comprehensively and explain every step of your treatment so you know what to expect.

  2. With the help of 3D imaging X-ray machine, we will visualized your bone condition and ensure a proper position for implant placement.

  3. Implant would be placed in your bone and time will be given to the gum to heal to ensure the implant is ready to be used.

  4. Few months later, we will take an impression of your teeth and send it to the laboratory to make a personalized crown, bridge or denture.

  5. We will help you to understand and learn the proper maintenance of your implant.

  6. Time to enjoy a new and better smile.

Our experienced dental team will deliver precise care and ensure you know how to maintain your oral health throughout the journey.

Jolly Grin offers

Experienced staff

Comfortable environment

Personalized care

Latest technology

Learn more about dental implants

Still have some concerns?

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