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Enjoy a big smile again with bridges

Missing the days of your great smile due to losing teeth? Bridges may be one of your choices to replace missing teeth. A well crafted bridge can look like your natural teeth and restore your original function.

The bridge will be held by a healthy tooth or teeth that are adjacent to the missing tooth or teeth. It is fixed in place and may be an alternative to a removable partial denture. We could set up a treatment plan which suits you the most.

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The journey of getting a bridge in Jolly Grin

We have a dentist to examine your teeth condition carefully and give the best treatment plan to replace your missing teeth. If you choose to have a bridge to replace your missing teeth, then the dentist will help you with the following procedure.

  1. Prepare your neighboring teeth to act as the anchor of the bridge

  2. A temporary bridge will be placed to protect the teeth

  3. The design of the bridge will be sent to the laboratory to craft your customized bridge restoration.

  4. The crafted bridge will be bonded to your tooth and restore the normal function of your teeth

You may now enjoy your great smile with the newly made bridge again.

How to clean your bridge

Proper dental hygiene habits are essential to maintain the bridges in maximum health including tooth brushing and flossing. Interdental cleaning aids may also be required to clean the bottom of the bridge at the missing tooth area.

Image by Diana Polekhina

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