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Comfortable Tooth Extraction

​Protecting and saving your real teeth is always our first priority, but there are conditions that require extractions of the tooth that cannot be repaired. Before the extraction, we would make sure that the condition is explained to you in detail.


Our dentists provide a comfortable environment to reduce the anxiety and pain during the extraction. We are always pleased to answer your questions and arrange a consultation if you are doubting whether your tooth needs to be extracted.

Dental Checkup

Suffering from Toothache?

There are multiple reasons causing toothache. Extraction is not always the only way to solve the problem. The faster you see a dentist, the higher the risk for you to save your tooth.


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Reasons for Extraction

Severe Tooth Decay

Severe Periodontal disease

Non-functional wisdom teeth

Tooth Crowding

Frequent Questions About Extractions

Does extracting a tooth hurt?

We will ensure that your teeth and gum are fully numb before extraction and medication will be given to you to reduce the sense of pain after surgery. Please avoid touching the wound with your hand or tongue also helps with the healing of the wound.

Can I eat or drink after extraction?

No food or drinks should be consumed for 4 hours after the extraction so please make sure you have your meal before the surgery.

What will happen to other teeth after extraction?

The neighbouring teeth might drift to the space of the missing teeth. In this case, a dental implant or a denture may be needed to replace the missing tooth.

Should I take rest after extraction of teeth?

You may experience facial swelling, difficulty opening your mouth and fever after extraction, but the symptoms will usually subside in 3 to 4 days. We suggest you to take more rest after extraction for healing.

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