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Crown your teeth

There are multiple reasons that your teeth are worth crowning, such as tooth decay, fractured tooth, after a root canal treatment or to restore the aesthetic function of a dental implant.


Dental crown is a cup that covers the visible part of the tooth to protect the tooth from further damage and to restore its original function, shape, size and color.


Jolly Grin provides a customized crown to fit your mouth and make the crown look as natural as other teeth.

Dental Checkup

Types of materials


The most popular material chosen with the highest aesthetic level


Suitable for people with bruxium and large biting force

Dentist Office

The journey of getting a crown in Jolly Grin

We have a dentist to examine your teeth condition carefully and suggest the best material for your dental crown.

  1. Your teeth surface will be shaped and prepared to fit the crown

  2. A temporary crown will be made immediately and fit to your tooth in the same appointment

  3. The design of the crown will be sent to laboratory and craft your customized crown

  4. The crafted crown will be ready in around one week and it will be bonded to your tooth

Our experienced dental team will deliver precise care and ensure you know how to maintain your oral health throughout the journey.

Jolly Grin offers

Experienced staff

Comfortable environment

Personalized care

Latest technology

Smart Phone Screen

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